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This book encourages cautious and respectful diving to others and the environment. To safely conduct any dive, participants must rely on their own abilities, training and knowledge of conditions. This book provides information to help and encourage the safe conduct of any dive but accepts no responsibility for anyone who disregards their training & any safety advice given or takes unnecessary risks. If unsure of any dive site seek help from your prospective dive centre or your affiliated diving organisation.

Gozo, Malta, has a multitude of underwater attractions. Divers can explore breathtaking caves, tunnels, wrecks, reefs and bays. Add to this a profusion of marine life and you can understand why diving here is consistently voted amongst the best in Europe.

In Diving Gozo and Comino, local dive guide and instructor Richard Salter shares his experience and advice for 71 sites. Although many of the shore dives are suitable for self- guided groups, this essential book also includes superb sites which must be dived from boats. Vital information is given: entry/exit points, depths, routes, durations, interesting features, marine life, safety and Maltese diving regulations.

Gozo’s dramatic high cliffs, secluded bays and inlets, crystal clear waters, caves, caverns and rugged landscapes are also a paradise for walkers, photographers, cyclists, and climbers. The island is steeped in myth, history and culture and the food is just amazing. So plan your trip now using this essential new guide.


  • Covers 57 dives on Gozo and 14 on Comino.
  • Original site maps, photographs and all the details
    you need.
  • Also contains useful information about Gozo’s
    history, tourist sites, festas and food.
Diving guide to Gozo and Comino

The Dive Sites

Covering 57 dives sites on Gozo and another 14 on Comino, this is the definitive guide to diving these Maltese Islands